About Us

It seemed like fate in 2010. On a sunny day, Anna discovered she had been getting mail for another firm close by.  So, that sunny day, she brought this mail to the other firm and met Christine and her then partner, John. She immediately liked John, but ironically didn’t like Christine initially.  You see, Christine had just come from court and apparently hadn’t brushed off her “Zest for advocacy,” because it felt fierce.  Not as in overconfident, but rather, a “Don’t mess with me,” attitude. So, this partnership wasn’t really supposed to happen, but it did. Not long after, Christine had a question about trusts and remembered that Anna’s practice dealt with trusts and estates, so she reached out.  Anna sat with Christine and explained what she needed and brought her a book.  In that conversation, they talked about Christine’s pending student loan litigation case and Anna offered her further assistance, which began to melt Christine’s heart.

From there, Anna became Christine’s mentor for her student loan litigation and coached her through trial on her first case, which we won. That time spent together is what solidified their friendship and admiration for each other.  During this time, they developed their working relationship, as well mentorship and referrals soon followed.

At some time in 2012, Christine struck out on her own, and moved her firm to Lakewood.  Her firm grew so fast, that she and Anna decided to share office space and resources. Shortly after, they moved to Huntington Beach.

Attorney Christine Kingston remarried December, 2014. As Christine searched for her wedding dress, Attorney Anna Serrambana offered her wedding dress and said Christine could do whatever she wanted with it, and even gave the telephone number to a fantastic dressmaker.  Christine had a completely new dress made by the firm’s Office Manager, Mariela Riva’s mother, Rosa Rivas. So, we really do, “keep it in the family.” As a token of her appreciation, Christine returned the dress to the dressmaker for paying it forward to another bride, and she had pillows made for Anna and herself as a memory of love, family, and friendship.

After four years of sharing office space and resources, but running separate firms, they are merged. The reason they merged is because they discovered along the way that

  • combined they make one hell of a lawyer;
  • they share similar philosophies in life, money, spirit, family and community;
  • and they have fun together.