Creditor Fraud On The Court Through Fake Documents

Categories: Chapter 7

On May 16, 2010 Max Gardner published a blog article entitled, Fake Documents and Fraud on the Court.  We are in the midst of a national foreclosure crisis and debtor’s counsel throughout the nation are finding themselves defending their clients, not just against losing their home, but losing their home because their lender manufactured fake documents.  We should all be outraged.

Apparently Florida is leading the nation in getting the word out about these fake documents being submitted in our Courts.   So, what can you do?  Don’t just stand by and lose your home because you’ve been served a piece of paper that looks legitimate.  Have your local bankruptcy lawyer review these documents and your loan documents with you. 

Your first step in defending your American Dream of homeownership should be to send a Qualified Written Request to the lender to determine who owns your note.  However, this letter alone will not stop any foreclosure proceeding.  Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will legally stop your foreclosure and give you breathing room to make up for any payment arrears, while your attorney goes after your lender on your behalf.

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