The foreclosure crisis is heating up in the media.  Last Friday, Attorney General Jerry Brown issued this Press Release saying,

“All lenders should halt foreclosures until they clear up this mess and ensure that the process is fair and complies with California law,”  Brown said. “Bank of America has taken an important step, and the other major lenders should follow its lead.”

Brown called on all banks to halt foreclosures here in California, after the GMAC Mortgage deposition of a robo-signer from Florida was exposed. 

Consumer attorneys nationwide have been attacking this problem since the economic crisis began and we’re not about to give up.  When it comes to fighting this fraud in bankruptcy, our fearless leader, O. Max Gardner is leading an army of more than 200 attorneys nationwide through his Bankruptcy Litigation Model Bootcamps.  The news has even reached Edmonton where one graduate’s case was recently highlighted,  “’Robo signer’ ruling gives owners loophole in foreclosure cases.”

Other news releases show that, like dominos, other banks are falling in line and halting their foreclosures under the pressure of the media attention being spotlighted on the industry’s careless practices.  The  trust of the American people has eroded as the American dream of homeownership turns into our nation’s nightmare because of corporate greed.  The question of whether the foreclosure crisis is slowing the economic recovery is addressed at Daily Finance.

The foreclosure crisis has not slowed recovery, it’s the denial of the federal government that this is a problem at all that’s causing us to sink deeper into economic uncertainty.  Here’s another great article that exposes the Rot from Within the Foreclosure Mess.

It’s time for the American people to take back our country.  Make your Vote count!  If you suspect fraud, report it!  Call your local bankruptcy attorney and take a stand to stop your dream from being stolen from you.


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