Bankruptcy Lawyers Give FREE Plasectomys!

Categories: Automatic Stay, Chapter 7, Debt Collections

Dave Ramsey may have been the first to coin the term, “plasectomy,” but the doctors and surgeons that most effectively execute this procedure are bankruptcy lawyers.  Dave touts self plesectomy, such a procedure will only slow the tumor’s growth. To be sure, my partner John Greifendorff defines plasectomy as the procedure to remove malignant financial tumors.

Other related terms are:

PLASECTIC: adj, of or pertaining to malignant financial consumption, a person or thing that suffers from Plastectomia; and

PLASECTOMIA — a condition of financial decay or consumption, symptoms — credit card debt, unsecured debt,
decreased ability to control spending, stress

Symptoms of Plasectomia include:  financial nausia, stress, bounced checks, depleted savings and retirment accounts, headaches, insomnia, homelessness, wallet discomfort, shame, guilt, thoughts of suicide and even death. This list is not exhaustive.

Don’t let the stress and worry of moderate to severe Plasectomia drag on your finances any longer. If you’ve recently done this procedure on yourself and the symptoms are recurring or worsen, it’s time to consult with a bankruptcy attorney in your area.  Remember that the Bible even allows for a discharge or wiping clean of all your debts every 7 years. It’s no wonder the Bankruptcy Code mirrors the Bible by allowing you to obtain a Discharge of your debts every 8 years.  That’s why we offer FREE Plasectomys for our clients.

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