Earl Hagen Memorial Golf & Tennis Tournament a Huge Success

Categories: Bankruptcy Law Overview

This year marked the 4th Annual Earl Hagen Memorial Golf & Tennis Tournament presented and co-sponsored by the Central District Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney Association and Los Angeles Bankruptcy Forum.  This year a heated tennis tournament was added for those who don’t enjoy golf and your board of directors is considering adding checkers next year for the less athletic among us. This will be a must attend event next year, especially if we hand over the golf cart controls to the bench and have judges drive the bar attorneys around the golf course.  Look out for Hon. Peter Carroll behind the wheel of any golf carts since he is a former race car driver. I can see him now drafting and drifting on the green!


” Even someone of my nonexistent golf ability can have a lot of fun at this tournament. While aiming for that tiny little ball was hopeless, walking the greens with our wonderful pro bono volunteers gave me renewed hope in the legal profession. I hope both golfers and other non-golfers will join me at this fun event.”

– Judge Maureen Tighe


Below the surface of this incredibly fun event is a fundraising effort on behalf of the Debtor Assistance Project supported by the Los Angeles County Bar Association and Public Counsel Law Center.  This year, the tournament raised $32,000.00 and has raised more than $100,000.00 over the last four years.  You may donate directly to Public Counsel <—–here. There are also volunteer opportunities for our colleagues to participate and support public counsel’s efforts. A big THANK YOU goes out to attorney James T. King for his incredible contributions in putting this event together each year.

Photo Credit:  Kearsian