What Does a Get Out Of Debt Lawyer Do?

Categories: Bankruptcy Law Overview

Looking to “Get Out of Debt,” but not sure who to call?  With the information age in full swing, I bet you’re as confused as a squirrel in the middle of the road with a car coming at you at 60 mph.  Timing is crucial and one wrong turn can make road kill.  It seems that the path to financial freedom from debt is paved with scams and scoundrels who will take you for your last dollar and leave you in a worse situation. Well, a debt relief lawyer may be the right solution and here’s why:

1.  Only a lawyer can provide legal advice.  Anyone other than a lawyer may be practicing law without a license with the advice they may dispense;

2.  If you started working with a debt settlement company, began making payments to them and later were served with court papers that you’re being sued, you’ll need to immediately consult with a lawyer to discuss your legal rights and options to deal not only with the law suit itself, but with whether that debt settlement company you hired was a scam;

3.  A debt relief lawyer has many tools to work with that will assist you, beginning with creating a wedge between you and the debt collectors.  You see, once you hire an attorney and advise the debt collector that you are represented by counsel, it is a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”)  for that debt collector to contact you;

4.  A debt relief lawyer slows down the process of collections, which gives you the breathing room you need and puts time on your side to gather information, discuss your options, including whether to file for bankruptcy protection; and

5.  Solutions that a lawyer can provide include determining whether you have rights to sue under the FDCPA, Rosenthal Act, Bankruptcy Code, or any other laws that protect consumers against unlawful debt collection practices.

Many debt relief attorneys offer FREE consultations and will explain options with your financial goals in mind.  Here are some FREE books on the subject. Bankruptcy may not be right for every consumer and an attorney that also offers debt settlement plans can provide a wider array of solutions and a bankruptcy attorney might offer.

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