Bankruptcy Lawyer Publishes Book to Help Consumers Become Debt Free

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The book, 5 Steps to Freedom From Debt, published on Amazon on August 29, 2014 promises to deliver a simple system that anyone can follow to make the right choice to eliminate uncontrolled debt. It is essentially my consultation in an expanded version and in writing.  In this book I provide the process I take with prospective clients and boil it down to fit their individual financial goals.  While getting free from debt is a very individual path, there are only a few effective ways to get there.  I believe that all options must be considered before taking action.

As an advocate for a debt free America, I felt it was time to write the book on the options people have when it comes to effectively dealing with debt.  In five steps, you too, can become debt free. Here are the steps:

1.  Know Your Numbers

2.  Set Up Your Financial Goals

3.  Explore All Your Options For Getting Out of Debt

4.  Consult with Your Professionals

5.  Make a Well Informed Decision

The sooner you take action and consult with professionals like a bankruptcy lawyer and your accountant, for example, the more options you will have in getting out of debt.  Another important point is to make a decision from all available information because financial mistakes have a compound effect on your future and retirement. The book is available now on Amazon.  Christine A. Wilton, Esq. is only licensed to practice law in California and cannot provide debt relief outside the state.

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