California Homeowner’s Guide To Stop Foreclosure

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Buying a house is the single most expensive purchase we make during our lives.  It’s stressful and time consuming to go through the escrow process to get those keys.  Then, there is the time and cost of maintaining that home while keeping up with those mortgage payments, which may or may not include taxes and insurance.  After working so hard to buy a home, it’s no wonder that homeowners want to fight even harder to keep their home when faced with foreclosure.  Over the years, I’ve written extensively on the options that homeowners have and wanted to share my favorite articles on this topic.  But first, here is A Homeowner’s Guide to Foreclosure in California by the Department of Real Estate.

Here are my Top Five Articles as your guide to stop foreclosure:

  1. Five Ways To Stop A Foreclosure
  2. When Should You Walk Away From Your Mortgage
  3. Bankruptcy as a Home Saving Device
  4. Foreclosuregate:  California Edition
  5. Keeping Your Home When Filing Bankruptcy

As the economy continues to slowly recover and home equity returns, it may seem as though America’s financial troubles are behind it.  However, as we begin the 4th Quarter of 2014, we are seeing an uptick in foreclosure filings that may signal a time for California homeowners to take action on their defaulted mortgages one way or another. Always consult with your realtor, bankruptcy lawyer and tax advisor before deciding which option is right for you.  Making a well-informed decision is key to future financial success.

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