About Us

You Aren’t Just a Client, You’re Family

We’re more than just a law firm. Attorney Christine A. Kingston brings her experience, expertise and reputation within the legal community to work for her clients to achieve results. To date, our team has discharged more than $3 million dollars in student loans for our clients and counting.

The rules of the financial system are stacked against you and are designed to bury you in debt. Bankruptcy can be a practical solution because it’s a more cost-effective and faster way to get out of debt than almost any other strategy. And, since time is money, we’re all about saving you both so you can get on with your life quickly.

We are empathetic problem-solvers. We know what it’s like to be lost and feel like there’s nowhere to turn for your problems. It’s what drove Christine to practice law in the first place. This empathy is why we treat clients like our grandmothers taught us to — like family. Our purpose is to put that personal touch back into law and make a significant difference in your experience. Whether it’s writing a thoughtful note or providing service that is above and beyond the norm, when you walk out the doors of our office, we want you to feel human. This means we’re not just going to regurgitate legal jargon back to you, but rather, we are going to approach your situation with the genuineness and authenticity it deserves.
When we’re not at work, you can find us investing in what keeps us grounded to these values — our families. Christine is a proud grandmother of two beautiful grandbabies, with a third on the way. Christine is also an avid crocheter, making gifts for family and friends and those that need a little TLC.

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