Small Business Bankruptcy and the New Subchapter V Case


Let’s face it, America runs on small businesses like yours and mine. Unfortunately, you and I have discovered that the playing field is not level for us when we don’t have piles of cash or the name Bezos to lean on. We do the best we can to follow the law and now we’re all […]

How To Get Out of Debt in 2021


It’s easy to lose focus of your goals in the middle of a marathon pandemic, civil unrest and political polarization. Yet, you must. Never mind the chaos swirling all around us. You cannot idly sit by and wait for the government or cavalry to come. You alone are making important financial decisions today that will […]

Improving Your Financial Literacy In 2021


No time like a dragging pandemic and a nail-biter of an election season to spark your enthusiasm and basic need for some financial literacy as a primary goal or resolution. I applaud your choice. According to Dave Ramsey’s blog, only 20% of Americans would qualify as financially literate. To be in the richest 20% of […]

Consumer Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2020


This Act is now pending before Congress. Here’s a link to the full Act, Here. The purpose of the Act is to establish a bankruptcy system that helps individuals and families in the United States regain financial stability and protects against abusive and predatory behavior by Streamlining the process of filing for bankruptcy, simplifying court […]

Attorney Christine Kingston Talks With Katherine On “This Needs To Be Said” About Student Debt And How There is Hope.

Interview, Student Loans

  Hello, everyone. Thank you so much for joining us here on, This Needs to Be Said, our friend, attorney, Christine Kingston is here and she’s going to be sharing with you. Why it’s so important that you hear what she has to say today. If you have student debt and you thought you were […]

Did You Know? You Can Become A Millionaire After Bankruptcy!


I bet this the first time you have ever heard the words ‘millionaire’ and ‘bankruptcy’ in the same sentence. I’ll break it down for you here. Most people believe that filing for bankruptcy is the hard bottom of a terrible financial fall. Others believe that it will ruin your credit forever. Both statements could not […]

Did You Know? You Will Improve Your Credit After Bankruptcy?


The concept of credit scores started in 1989, and since then has evolved into today’s most popular scoring model, the FICO Score from Fair, Isaac, and Company. The law regulating credit scoring models, Fair Credit Reporting Act regulates the information contained within your credit report. Back in the 1800’s, most credit was conducted by businesses, […]

Did You Know? There is No Stigma in Bankruptcy


Are you considering bankruptcy to eliminate your debts, but afraid because of the stigma? Let’s talk about your perceived views on bankruptcy and debt relief through the lens of social stigma. We’ll also discuss why you may be keeping yourself from taking advantage of what could be your best option to cure your financial troubles. […]

How to Float Your Cash Needs Right Now in a Covid Outbreak


I’m stuck in isolation, like the rest of us taking this novel virus seriously. The fact that it’s “novel” just means that no one is immune to it yet. From the rest of the world, this looks like the short-term getting back to work won’t happen until May or June at the earliest. Then, when […]

How To Get Out of Debt

Chapter 13

What you don’t know about the business of getting out of debt will cost you. Anyone working on getting from Point A to Point B knows the paths are many and they all have their costs and benefits. The question you have to ask yourself is; How much you’re willing to pay for freedom? Quite […]

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