The Good, The Bad and The Ugly About Probate – Interview Attorney Anna Serrambana May 2018

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Katherine: Hello, everyone, and thank you so much for joining us here today on “This Needs To Be Said.” We’ve talked about estate planning before and it’s been a really long time, so we have a friend that’s going to join us today. Attorney Anna is going to share with us the good, the bad, […]

Filing Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer Can Cost You


Yes, you can file bankruptcy without a lawyer, but there’s a price to pay for everything. Here in the Central District of California, approximately 25% of all bankruptcy cases are filed Pro Se (without an attorney). Our bankruptcy court has online resources to help those without a lawyer to help with this issue.  I am […]

When is probate required?


One of the most common questions we are asked is “when is probate necessary?” In California, any estate that has a gross value of $150,000 or more is required to go through the probate process unless the estate passes by operation of law. For example, if a person dies owning one home valued at $500,000 […]

The heirs of prince’s estate still have not received a dime


More than two years have passed since the death of the famous singer Prince, but what you probably did not realize is that not a single heir has received any portion of their inheritance of the estimated $200 million estate. His estate has been tied up in Probate court since his death. First, Prince did […]

The charles manson estate battle is not over yet


Six months after the death of Charles Mason, the battle over his estate continues. Initially, there were four people competing for the Manson estate; however, Michael Brunner, a purported son of Manson, voluntarily withdrew his claim to the estate because he was legally adopted by his maternal grandparents, which prohibited from being an heir of […]

Probate document checklist


If you have been named executor in a loved one’s will, it is best to start collecting the required documents as soon as possible after the decedent’s death. If the estate is required to go through the probate process, below is a list of the documents that will be helpful to ensure a smooth and […]

5 Celebrity estate planning blunders


Michael Jackson – did not have a trust Michael Jackson died in 2009 with a will in place but no trust. However, his mom initially believed that Michael did not even have a will. Therefore, she filed a petition with the court seeking to be appointed administrator of the estate. However, upon the discovery of […]

Private Loans For Unaccredited School Not Student Debt in Bankruptcy

Chapter 13, Chapter 7, Student Loans & Bankruptcy

I was just talking with a friend of mine the other day, Damon Day; and he was mentioning that he is seeing more and more folks all across the country, who have attended these unaccredited schools and carrying an enormous amount of student debt.  I mentioned to him that I’ve already been in the bankruptcy […]

Expecting a baby? Did you add estate planning to your to-do list yet?

Estate Planning

As part of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s tax planning for his eventual sale of Facebook stock when it went public was to create a trust which passed some of his assets to his unborn children, thus saving him millions in gift tax. His wife was not even pregnant when Mr. Zuckerberg set up this key […]