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Retirement Planning Through Bankruptcy

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My husband is at it again; writing blog articles for me that is. Here are his thoughts on retirement planning and bankrutpcy: It surprises me that many people are not as concerned as retirement as I am. I guess my “normal” is just not quite aligned with other people’s “normal”.  I recently heard of a […]

What I do as a Bankruptcy Lawyer

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I believe the world view of even the thought of filing bankruptcy is financial suicide for many people.  They believe their financial lives, credit scores, reputations and even careers are over.  It’s like the “Scarlet Letter” “B” is written, stitched, into the fabric of the rest of their lives.  When networking, I’ve even said that […]

Consumer’s Guide to Asset Protection and Bankruptcy

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I sat in on a recent panel discussion entitled, “Busting Trusts,” held by the Orange County Bar Association Commercial Law & Bankruptcy Section. With a bankruptcy judge and two trustees on the panel, the discussion turned on how the Court and trustees go about “busting trusts.” As a consumer protection attorney, it is my job […]

Pros and Cons of Bankruptcy as Debt Relief

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No one wants to file for bankruptcy.  I know it and so do you.  I read the scathing comments about good people who struggle with debt and their perceived “moral” obligation to repay their debts.  I also enjoy watching Jimmy Fallon (@jimmyfallon) and his humorous Pros and Cons segement each week.  So, here are my […]

Are Inherited IRAs Protected From Bankruptcy Creditors?

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The Supreme Court unanimously held in Clark v. Rameker, 573 U.S. ___ (2014),  that retirement funds inherited by a beneficiary from the original plan participant are not considered ‘retirement funds’ within the meaning of the federal bankruptcy exemptions found at 11 U.S.C. 522(b)(3)(c).  As a result, the bankruptcy trustee may consider the inherited IRA to […]

Bankruptcy Solves Long Term Debt Struggles

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Lately, I’ve gotten into reading Liz Weston’s (@lizweston) column in the Los Angeles Times Sunday papers I get delivered and it seems like a love/hate relationship at times.  For the most part, I feel it’s important to keep an eye on these personal finance advice givers and share my perspective.  In her column entitled, Consider […]

Retirement and Estate Planning Through Bankruptcy

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I am fortunate enough to share office space with an incredible colleague, friend and estate planning attorney, Anna Serrambana.  One thing is for sure, we had no idea, in the beginning, what a great match our individual practices are to the other.  Now, we regularly consult with the other about protecting heirs to their potential […]