Stop Foreclosure

If you’re one of the many Californians facing foreclosure, you’re not alone. So many people have been convinced that tapping their home’s equity was the way to get rich, like the wealthy banks. Unfortunately, so many of us were forced into sub-prime mortgages that we could not afford.

Don’t let the banks win! If you want to keep your home and can afford to make a mortgage payment, then you need to consult with an attorney who knows all the tricks the banks are playing.

Attorney Christine Kingston is trained and connected directly with Max Gardner’s Bankruptcy Litigation Model and recently settled a bankruptcy litigation case on behalf of her client reducing her client’s principal mortgage balance by $158,000.00 and removing fees and arrears for an overall savings to her client of more than $200,000.00. Bankruptcy litigation in Chapter 13 is the single most effective means of restructuring or even removing the lien completely of your first trust deed when the creditor cannot prove their security interest in your real property.

We will review your personal financial situation and work with you to help you save your American Dream.

Call Our Toll Free Bankruptcy Hotline Today at 1-877-631-2220 for your FREE consultation.

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