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Robo-Signers Exposed Only the Tip of the Iceberg

Chapter 13

The sub-servicers of the mortgage industry are in the business of foreclosure, not loan workouts; in case you were wondering. GMAC has dressed up in sheep’s clothing by changing its name to Ally Bank; owned by GMAC, LLC.  Now, GMAC has even California Attorney General Jerry Brown halting their foreclosures after a deposition of one […]

Are You Being Overcharged On Your Mortgage?

Bankruptcy Law Overview, Chapter 13, Foreclosure, Modifications

Recently, Katie Porter, over at Credit Slips, reported that Bank of America (BOA) reached a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission regarding certain mortgage overcharges, including overcharges in bankruptcy once serviced by Countrywide. Henry Sommer joined the conversation, asking if the Bank of America Settlement is a sign of true progress. After reading the consent judgment […]

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