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Mortgage Forensic Loan Audits Scam Alert

Bankruptcy Law Overview, Chapter 13, Foreclosure, Modifications

California’s mortgage crisis is out of control. The sub-prime lending didn’t end until late 2007 and into early 2008 when the economy collapsed. What further frustrates our sunshine state’s mortgage problems is that we were sold Jumbo loans due to our high property values. A Jumbo loan is a mortgage loan in an amount above […]

What Is A Landlord To Do When a Tenant Files Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Law Overview, Chapter 13, Chapter 7

As the economy continues to lag, many renters are creating more problems for landlords when they cannot pay their rent.  The duties imposed on a landlord are stringent enough, but what is a landlord to do when the tenant they want to evict files for bankruptcy protection?  The American Bar Association provides this publication that […]

Bankruptcy Cases in the Supreme Court

Bankruptcy Law Overview

We continue to see consumer bankruptcy cases and decisions come from from the U.S. Supreme Court that impact our practice.  Here is a summary of two recent cases. Bullock v. Bankchampaign, N.A., —U.S.—, 133 S.Ct. 1754 (May, 2013) If, for nothing more, this is a great case about family drama.  The facts involve a trustee […]

Help With More Than $20,000 In Debt

Bankruptcy Law Overview, Chapter 13, Chapter 7

Finding yourself in debt more than $20,000.00 can be very scary.  Maybe you lost your job, income reduced, or recently graduated from college only to find there are no jobs.  These situations can seem disastrous and devastating financially.  The hardest thing to see is an answer to the problem, let alone finding the right answer.  […]

Helping Jobless Americans Without Going Bankrupt

Bankruptcy Law Overview, Chapter 7

Four weeks without unemployment benefits has financially set back more than 1.3 million Americans this year.  I read articles like, Life Without Jobless Benefits Gets Tougher and I cringe at how they are managing to get by on nothing.  As a bankruptcy attorney I hear hardship stories like these all the time. A recent client […]

US Bankruptcy Court

Bankruptcy Law Overview

The Central District of California is the largest Bankruptcy Court in the United States. Presently, the District holds court in Los Angeles, Riverside, Santa Ana, Santa Barbara, and the San Fernando Valley. The Central District of California covers approximately 40,000 square miles and stretches from the Central Coast area of the state eastward to the […]

Surf City Lawyers Supports Healing Homelessness In Huntington Beach

Bankruptcy Law Overview

Giving back is a core value to the attorneys at Surf City Lawyers in Huntington Beach. “What a great city, Huntington Beach, California is,” says attorney Christine A. Wilton.  “I live and work here and want to make Huntington Beach a better community for all who live, work and visit our great city.” Attorney Wilton […]

What Does a Get Out Of Debt Lawyer Do?

Bankruptcy Law Overview

Looking to “Get Out of Debt,” but not sure who to call?  With the information age in full swing, I bet you’re as confused as a squirrel in the middle of the road with a car coming at you at 60 mph.  Timing is crucial and one wrong turn can make road kill.  It seems […]

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?

Bankruptcy Law Overview

Want to be a Millionaire? According to the Lancet Study of 2010, the people of the world, in general, are living longer. And although it is argued that the U.S. is behind the rest of the world in life expectancy percentage growth, the famous demographer James Vaupel, executive director and founder of the Max Planck […]

Bankruptcy Trends Update 2013

Bankruptcy Law Overview

Bankruptcy filings will continue to stay strong throughout the remainder of 2013 and beyond, why? The signs of a stalled economic recovery are everywhere, if you look.  Student loan debt is a major burden on the economy as many struggle to stabilize the loans and obtain an affordable repayment program. Have you read this article […]

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