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What I do as a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy Alphabet, Chapter 13, Chapter 7, Estate Planning & Bankruptcy

I believe the world view of even the thought of filing bankruptcy is financial suicide for many people.  They believe their financial lives, credit scores, reputations and even careers are over.  It’s like the “Scarlet Letter” “B” is written, stitched, into the fabric of the rest of their lives.  When networking, I’ve even said that […]

Why Won’t My Attorney Represent Me in a Reaffirmation Agreement?

Chapter 7

Chances are that if you have a car loan and filed bankruptcy under Chapter 7 of the bankruptcy code, you’re going to get what is called a reaffirmation agreement.  If you’re a pro se debtor representing yourself, you have no one to ask questions of.  If you’re represented by an attorney, your questions may still […]

How Do I Know Whether to File Chapter 13 or 7?

Bankruptcy Law Overview, Chapter 13, Chapter 7, Foreclosure, Modifications

As a consumer debtor, you will usually have two options when deciding to file bankruptcy; Chapter 13 or 7 under the Bankruptcy Code.  The question is which is better?; and which one should you file?  The answers to these questions are as unique as your individual circumstances. Under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code, you are […]

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