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J is For Judge Julia Gibbons’ Bankruptcy Predictions For 2013

Bankruptcy Alphabet

There is a second wave of bankruptcy filings that will hit a tsunami level in 2013 according to Judge Julia Gibbons.  In my bankruptcy alphabet, J is for Judge. In April, 2012 the Washington Examiner chronicled A Second Bankruptcy Explosion Expected After Election Day where Julia Gibbons, chair of the Judicial Conference of the United […]

Bankruptcy Trends For 2012

Bankruptcy Law Overview

Each year I gaze once again into my crystal ball of clarity and make my predictions for the economy and declare my bankruptcy trends for 2012.  Here’s last year’s trends, to refresh your memory. I continue to debunk the myth that bankruptcy is the last stop to financial freedom because the American people have been […]

Bankruptcy Trends for 2011

Bankruptcy Law Overview

It’s that time of year again where I gaze longingly into my crystal ball and make my predictions for the future of the American Dream; America’s fresh start; and the demise of our mountain of debts.  Despite the continued negative stigma of bankruptcy and it’s “last resort” paradigm, bankruptcy filings in the U.S. continue to […]

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