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Pros and Cons of Bankruptcy as Debt Relief

Chapter 13, Chapter 7, Estate Planning & Bankruptcy, Family Law and Bankruptcy, Student Loans & Bankruptcy

No one wants to file for bankruptcy.  I know it and so do you.  I read the scathing comments about good people who struggle with debt and their perceived “moral” obligation to repay their debts.  I also enjoy watching Jimmy Fallon (@jimmyfallon) and his humorous Pros and Cons segement each week.  So, here are my […]

Would You Suggest a Strategic Bankruptcy?

Chapter 13, Chapter 7

Would you advise your client to file a Strategic Bankruptcy?  I read Michael Doan‘s recent blog article about the subject and would like to add there are tax advantages to home ownership that were not considered in the equation.  A homeowner receives the tax advantage of writing off the mortgage interest paid on their loans […]

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