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Student Loan Business Profits Buys Sallie Mae CEO A Golf Course

Chapter 7, Student Loans & Bankruptcy

According to this article, the CEO of Sallie Mae has made so much money from the student loan business that he owns his very own golf course!  The article is entitled, Student Loans — Do Criminals Have More Rights? by attorney Richard Gaudreau is rich with information and powerful links, including this one, A history […]

The Inner Workings of Bankruptcy Practice at Fremont College

Bankruptcy Law Overview

There are two things that I love; open minds and a captive audience.  On Wednesday, March 3rd, I was invited to speak to the paralegal students at Fremont College in Cerritos, California, on the topic of The Inner Workings of Bankruptcy Practice.  With the current Great Recession in full swing, personal finance and bankruptcy has […]

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