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Filing bankruptcy helps with creditors

Automatic Stay, Bankruptcy & Civil Litigation, Chapter 13, Chapter 7, Family Law and Bankruptcy, Medical Debt & Bankruptcy, Payday Loans and Bankruptcy

There are many ways that filing for bankruptcy protection can help with creditors whether you file under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of the Bankrutpcy Code. After you have prepared and filed your bankruptcy paperwork, the court clerk will notify all of your creditors of your bankruptcy filing and inform them that they may no […]

Time-Barred Debt Collections and FDCPA

Bankruptcy & Civil Litigation, Debt Collections, Fair Credit Reporting, Fair Debt Collections Practices

“Tick-tock” goes the clock on a creditor’s legal ability to collect on a debt owed.  Known as the Statute of Limitations, state laws that vary in each state, limits the time a creditor has to file a law suit to collect a debt. If they do not sue in time, the debt is no longer […]

Credit Card Debt Rising

Bankruptcy Law Overview

Apparently most Americans are still feeling the pressure to avoid bankruptcy so much so that they are continuing to turn to any open source of credit they can find. According to the Federal Reserve, credit card debt was up $3.3 billion to $793.1 billion in May and June shows an even greater jump up by […]

Using Credit Cards or Retirement to Pay Medical Bills is a Bad Idea

Chapter 7

Now, I’m no math expert; that’s why I went to law school.  The other day, I heard someone mention that they were tired of the medical bills they were receiving and they were just going to pay those medical bills with credit cards.  Unbelievable.  You’re of above level intelligence if you’re reading this post because […]

Two Great Reasons to Avoid Debt Settlement Companies

Automatic Stay, Bankruptcy Law Overview

I’ve had several clients come to me after working with debt settlement companies that have provided no service at all, except to take my client’s money.  These debt settlement contracts usually provide that the debt settlement company will set up a trust account with your name on it and take their fees and payments first.  […]

Don’t Settle Debts Before Filing Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Law Overview, Chapter 13, Chapter 7, Taxes & Bankruptcy

The only reason you should negotiate directly with your creditors, is to avoid bankruptcy.  Remember that working with debt settlement companies is both costly and detrimental to your finances and will likely land you in my office filing for bankruptcy.  If you want to avoid bankruptcy, work directly with your creditors for an agreement on […]

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