Tag : Credit reporting errors

Credit After Bankrutpcy Just Got a Bit Better

Chapter 13, Chapter 7, Discharge Violations, Fair Credit Reporting

This just in!  As originally reported in the New York Times and posted through Consumerists’ (@Consumerist) blog, JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America have both agreed to clear debt from credit reports that was discharged in bankruptcy.  This is great news and about time the big banks acted in accordance with federal laws. These […]

Fair Credit Reporting Problems Cause Increase in Litigation

Debt Collections, Fair Credit Reporting, Fair Debt Collections Practices

Since 60 Minutes aired, 40 Million Mistakes:  Is Your Credit Report Accurate?, their has been an increase in the filing of federal lawsuits under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”) and Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (“FDCPA”) by consumers throughout the U.S. The 60 Minutes report explained that your credit information is monitored, bought and […]

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