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Life After Bankruptcy Requires A Budget

Bankruptcy Law Overview

Most people are familiar with the term “Getting your Ducks in a Row”. Well, going through the process of your Bankruptcy is the first duck, in a long line of ducks towards your financial health. What’s next, you may ask? Well, the answer is the next big “B”, Budget. Yes, it’s the naughty word your […]

Credit Union Cross-Collateralization Clauses Violate TILA

Bankruptcy Law Overview

I’m a member of a Credit Union and have several accounts with them.  I’ve heard of this mysterious ‘cross-collateralization’ CLAUSE and thought I would do some investigation so we can all sleep better.  Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney John Skiba wrote, Bankruptcy, Credit Unions & Cross Collateralization Agreements, over at JDSupra, which provides a very brief and […]

How To Use Credit Wisely After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Law Overview, Chapter 13, Chapter 7, Medical Debt & Bankruptcy, Small Business Bankruptcy

I always tell my clients that your credit score only tells you one thing; how well you manage DEBT.  So, why would you want to go back into debt again after bankruptcy?  After all, don’t you just want to enjoy the feeling of financial freedom from debt for as long as possible?  My first inclination […]

Two Great Reasons to Avoid Debt Settlement Companies

Automatic Stay, Bankruptcy Law Overview

I’ve had several clients come to me after working with debt settlement companies that have provided no service at all, except to take my client’s money.  These debt settlement contracts usually provide that the debt settlement company will set up a trust account with your name on it and take their fees and payments first.  […]

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