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Bankruptcy Myths Busted

Chapter 13, Chapter 7, Debt Collections

Too often we hear tough economic times, but bankruptcy filings have dropped nearly 25% over the last year and home prices have risen at the same pace. This might not be a good thing because many who have needed to file for bankruptcy may have been too broke to file. It costs $306.00 in court […]

Ring of Death-Debt Collections

Debt Collections

What happens to the debts of a family member upon their death?  Generally, when you die, your debts will die with you, unless there is a co-signor on the loan.  Or, if there is a lien, such as a mortgage or car loan, the lenders have rights to the property and can take it back […]

Fair Credit Reporting Act Boosts Your Fico Score

Debt Collections

So, what’s this I am hearing lately about your credit score still being negatively impacted after bankruptcy.  Or, worse, if your spouse filed bankruptcy and your credit score is still showing all the debt that was discharged in bankruptcy.  Either way, a high credit score not only gets you lower interest rates, but shows potential […]

Rosenthal Act Fair Debt Collection Protection For Consumers

Debt Collections

You’ve heard of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”).  Well, California has codified its own version under the Rosenthal Act found in California Civil Code Section 1788 et seq.  The California Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was adopted in 1977. It regulates the conduct of “debt collectors.” The California statute prohibits numerous deceptive, dishonest, […]

Car Won’t Start Because You Missed A Payment?

Chapter 7, Debt Collections

It’s not unusual these days that debt collectors take extreme tactics to get you to pay up on your debts. Meet the vehicle disabling device. Wall Street Journal posted this article entitled, “Late on Car Loan? Meet the Disabler,” by Jonathan Welsh, which introduced us to the vehicle disabling device. Imagine that you’re driving along […]

Bankruptcy Lawyers Give FREE Plasectomys!

Automatic Stay, Chapter 7, Debt Collections

Dave Ramsey may have been the first to coin the term, “plasectomy,” but the doctors and surgeons that most effectively execute this procedure are bankruptcy lawyers.  Dave touts self plesectomy, such a procedure will only slow the tumor’s growth. To be sure, my partner John Greifendorff defines plasectomy as the procedure to remove malignant financial […]

SCAM ALERT: You’ve Been Selected For Credit Rehabilitation Program

Debt Collections, Discharge Violations

Debt buyers and debt collectors will tell you the only way you can rebuild your credit is to move the balance due and owing a debt previously discharged in your bankruptcy case to their NEW CREDIT CARD. The letters are enticing you by convincing you that this is a great opportunity to rehabilitate your credit and clean up […]

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