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Let’s Make A Deal; Debt Collectors!

Chapter 13, Chapter 7, Debt Collections, Fair Debt Collections Practices

Today we’re going to play a game that I love.  Negotiations with debt collectors! Also known as debt settlement. In the recent Los Angeles Times article, Making a Deal with Debt Collectors, by Liz Weston, she provides such a shallow and generic approach that I am immediately propelled into blog writing mode.  This article is […]

Private Students Loan Collections Are Time Barred

Debt Collections, Student Loans & Bankruptcy

I hope that you’ve heard by now that there are repayment options for federal student loans such as the “income sensitive” repayment programs, or administrative discharge for those that qualify.  You’re also likely to be frustrated by the lack of options when it comes to repaying private student loans.  But did you know that creditors […]

Rosenthal Act Fair Debt Collection Protection For Consumers

Debt Collections

You’ve heard of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”).  Well, California has codified its own version under the Rosenthal Act found in California Civil Code Section 1788 et seq.  The California Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was adopted in 1977. It regulates the conduct of “debt collectors.” The California statute prohibits numerous deceptive, dishonest, […]

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