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They Went Broke and Lived Happily Ever After

Avoid Liens, Chapter 13, Foreclosure, Junior Mortgage, Modifications

I’ve been wondering recently about how my clients are doing long after their bankruptcy case ends and the debt is gone.  Then, I happened upon Bryan Fears’  (@fearsnachawati) article, File Bankruptcy and Live Longer and read a few positively surprising results that began to answer my questions about life after bankruptcy. Unfortunately, the article did […]

Missed Trustee Payments In Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Sitting in court during Chapter 13 motion hearings always provides news and updates to how our court responds to issues that arise during these cases.  As a reminder, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case is a reorganization bankruptcy for individuals with disposable income who make payments on their debts over time; generally five years.  A lot […]

What Does a Get Out Of Debt Lawyer Do?

Bankruptcy Law Overview

Looking to “Get Out of Debt,” but not sure who to call?  With the information age in full swing, I bet you’re as confused as a squirrel in the middle of the road with a car coming at you at 60 mph.  Timing is crucial and one wrong turn can make road kill.  It seems […]

Bankruptcy Myths Busted

Chapter 13, Chapter 7, Debt Collections

Too often we hear tough economic times, but bankruptcy filings have dropped nearly 25% over the last year and home prices have risen at the same pace. This might not be a good thing because many who have needed to file for bankruptcy may have been too broke to file. It costs $306.00 in court […]

6 Steps To Financial Freedom From Debts

Bankruptcy Law Overview, Chapter 11, Chapter 13, Chapter 7

You’re in debt up to your eyeballs and the prospects of paying it all back can take more than a decade to clear the way.  You’re not getting any younger and have plans to either keep your current home, or buy a home before you retire.  Speaking of retirement, you haven’t even considered that because […]

No Interest Debt Consolidation; 5 Year Repayment Plan

Chapter 13

Consolidate your debts into one easy payment and pay ZERO interest (to unsecured creditors) for 5 years.  100% repayment of all your debts without paying interest sounds too good to be true?  It is true.  However, there is a catch. You can accomplish this through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plan. If you’re struggling to […]

A Debt Repayment Plan You Control In Bankruptcy

Chapter 13

Something interesting is happening in my office as of late.  I am beginning to see clients that want to repay their debts and actually have the means to do so.  This means they earn a good living and have money to pay their bills. What’s happening is that they have missed a payment or two […]

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