Should I Pay A Bogus Bill To Save My Credit Rating?

Chapter 13, Chapter 7, Debt Collections, Fair Credit Reporting, Fair Debt Collections Practices

I definitely have heated opinions every Sunday when I read Liz Weston’s (@lizweston) “Money Talk” articles.  She’s a journalist who has published books on money, so she’s an expert right? Well, she definitely tries to help, while avoiding the unauthorized practice of law because she is not a lawyer.  Recently, a reader asked whether they […]

Debt Forgiveness Plan

Bankruptcy Law Overview, Debt Collections, Fair Credit Reporting, Fair Debt Collections Practices

Do you have very old debt lingering on your credit report?  In California, if it has been more than four years since you first became delinquent; i.e., missed a payment, then the debt collector can no longer sue you to collect on that debt.  HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that the debt is forgiven, or that […]

Debt Collection Tricks Exposed By the Courts

Bankruptcy Law Overview, Chapter 13, Debt Collections

The recent case of McMahon v. LVNV Funding et al, 2014 U.S. App. LEXIS 4592 (7th Cir., 2014) held that a letter from a non-attorney debt collector on a time barred debt was false, deceptive and misleading because it used the word “settlement.”  “Settlement,” the court reasoned, implied a threat of litigation, even though the […]

Private Students Loan Collections Are Time Barred

Debt Collections, Student Loans & Bankruptcy

I hope that you’ve heard by now that there are repayment options for federal student loans such as the “income sensitive” repayment programs, or administrative discharge for those that qualify.  You’re also likely to be frustrated by the lack of options when it comes to repaying private student loans.  But did you know that creditors […]

Credit Union Cross-Collateralization Clauses Violate TILA

Bankruptcy Law Overview

I’m a member of a Credit Union and have several accounts with them.  I’ve heard of this mysterious ‘cross-collateralization’ CLAUSE and thought I would do some investigation so we can all sleep better.  Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney John Skiba wrote, Bankruptcy, Credit Unions & Cross Collateralization Agreements, over at JDSupra, which provides a very brief and […]

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