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IRS Tax Bankruptcy

Chapter 13, Chapter 7, Taxes & Bankruptcy

Do you owe taxes?  Many who do find themselves facing federal income tax collections and incur penalties, fines, bank levies, or even tax liens when the IRS pursues collections.  Did you know that some taxes can be eliminated and discharged through bankruptcy?  Did you know that bankruptcy can potentially remove tax liens? There are Five […]

Can I Keep My Income Tax Refund In Bankruptcy?

Taxes & Bankruptcy

Are you one of those people that gets a large tax refund every year and you pay bills; or take a vacation with it?  You’re providing the federal government with a free, no interest loan on YOUR money if you do. MSN posted this article, How to Adjust your Tax Withholdings, which provides a step-by-step […]

Debt Settlement vs. Bankruptcy: The Winner Is?

Bankruptcy Law Overview, Chapter 7

Debt settlement requires that you negotiate with creditors to settle debts for less than what you owe. Once an agreement is reached, you pay the agreed amount and your liability for that debt goes away. What these debt settlement companies don’t tell you is that you will also receive a 1099 tax form they filed […]

Can I Fund My IRA Before I File For Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Law Overview, Chapter 13, Chapter 7, Exemptions, Taxes & Bankruptcy

Let’s talk about your retirement accounts as they relate to your decision to file for bankruptcy.  There are many varieties and vehicles for retirements savings that include pensions, 401k, 403b, IRA and Roth IRA accounts.  Perhaps there are others that I am not aware of.  As I have said before, DO NOT CASH OUT YOUR […]

Don’t Settle Debts Before Filing Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Law Overview, Chapter 13, Chapter 7, Taxes & Bankruptcy

The only reason you should negotiate directly with your creditors, is to avoid bankruptcy.  Remember that working with debt settlement companies is both costly and detrimental to your finances and will likely land you in my office filing for bankruptcy.  If you want to avoid bankruptcy, work directly with your creditors for an agreement on […]

Federal Income Tax in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7, Taxes & Bankruptcy

Generally, taxes are treated the same as other debts in a chapter 7 bankruptcy case.  Taxes may be treated as secured, unsecured, or non-priority unsecured, or some combination.  IRS Code, found in 26 U.S.C. 6321, states that the government is secured if it has recorded a notice of lien.  Taxes that have been recorded as […]

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