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Strip Your Lien Upon Completion of Chapter 13 Plan Payments

Avoid Liens, Chapter 13, Chapter 7, Foreclosure, Judicial Liens, Junior Mortgage, Short Sales

Observing an “emerging consensus in this Circuit” that lien stripping can be accomplished through Chapter 13 Plan Completion, the court in Litton Loan Servicing, et al v. Robert Blendheim, et. al, In re Blendheim, Nos. 13-35354, 13-35412, U.S. Court of Appeals For the Ninth Circuit, 2015. You can watch oral arguments here. So, what do […]

Citimortgage Agrees to 90% Settlement of Junior Mortgage After Bankruptcy

Chapter 7, Judicial Liens

A former debtor in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case recently hired my firm to get rid of the lien that survived the bankruptcy.  This, in spite of the recent Supreme Court Decision handing banks yet another victory.  Read the New York Times (@NYTimes) Article, here. The Supreme Court ruling will now prevent underwater homeowners from […]

Chapter 13 Lien Stripping Your Undersecured Second Mortgage

Chapter 13

My partner, John Greifendorff and I appeared yesterday on Real Estate Radio with Ron Siegel again and briefly discussed the issue of lien stripping. The legal term used is ‘lien avoidance,’ and your lawyer’s work is completed through either a motion or adversary complaint filed with the court in your bankruptcy case.  Effectively upon order […]

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