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Ask Your Bankruptcy Lawyer: Why?

Chapter 13, Chapter 7

Today I am going to answer the question:  Why?  Why did I choose to practice bankruptcy law as a lawyer.  The answer is what motivates and drives my practice to help my clients grow financially.  This is the question you should ask of your lawyer too. I became a lawyer because I wanted a graduate […]

Happy Valentine’s Day: Money is a Matter of the Heart

Bankruptcy Law Overview

Today is all about love. As I stroll through my local grocers, I am swimming in a sea of red; red roses, balloons and candies all remind me that it’s Love Day.  So, why is a bankruptcy lawyer writing about love?  Well, I’m a compassionate soul and I believe that Money is a Matter of […]

Compassionate Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Law Overview

I believe that filing bankruptcy is a compassionate act.  I alleviate the suffering of my clients by assisting them to obtain relief from their debts through bankruptcy.  My clients are good people with severe financial hardship, who seek to transform their financial distress into financial freedom. In case you haven’t heard, bankruptcy has a history […]

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