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Bankruptcy as Retirement Planning Strategy

Chapter 7

There is a growing need for those entering their ‘golden years’ to face the reality of a fixed income that once looked like a hefty savings plan, plus Social Security is now Social Security alone; if you’re lucky.  The stock market plummet has cut many Baby Boomer’s nest eggs by as much as 50% with […]

Using Credit Cards or Retirement to Pay Medical Bills is a Bad Idea

Chapter 7

Now, I’m no math expert; that’s why I went to law school.  The other day, I heard someone mention that they were tired of the medical bills they were receiving and they were just going to pay those medical bills with credit cards.  Unbelievable.  You’re of above level intelligence if you’re reading this post because […]

4 Financial Mistakes on Your Way to Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Law Overview

Today I read an article by Katie Adams entitled, Financial Mistakes that Could Haunt You Forever and it got me thinking.  In this unprecedented Economic Depression, we are faced with more difficult decisions about our finances than ever before.  Who can we turn to?  Who do we trust?  I say that now more than ever before […]

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