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The Truth About Bankruptcy You Haven’t Heard

Chapter 13, Chapter 7

Why does Dave Ramsey, the Bible Belt personal finance guru, insist that filing personal bankruptcy is a “painful, life-changing experience. It hurts?” It’s because he himself filed for personal bankruptcy and had a bad experience.  Dave Ramsey also currently makes a very good living from selling “hope” in books and programs and “financial peace.” I […]

5 Tips To Avoid Loan Modification Scams

Automatic Stay, Chapter 13, Foreclosure, Modifications

The folks over at Public Counsel Law Center are always providing valuable information to consumers.  Public Counsel Law Center is the nation’s leading Pro Bono Law Firm and they do a great job in bankruptcy practice with their reaffirmation clinics and the new help desks at the clerk intake counter. Here are their 5 tips to […]

Two Great Reasons to Avoid Debt Settlement Companies

Automatic Stay, Bankruptcy Law Overview

I’ve had several clients come to me after working with debt settlement companies that have provided no service at all, except to take my client’s money.  These debt settlement contracts usually provide that the debt settlement company will set up a trust account with your name on it and take their fees and payments first.  […]

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