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Buy A Home After Bankruptcy: Yes You Can!

Avoid Liens, Bankruptcy Law Overview, Chapter 13, Chapter 7, Fair Credit Reporting, Foreclosure, Short Sales

I network with a lot of business professionals from around the financial sector because rules and information changes so frequently that I can’t keep up with all of it.  Over a cup of coffee a few weeks ago, I was talking with experienced mortgage broker, Brigitte Archer of Oxford Capital in Lake Forrest, California and […]

Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act Expired; California Homeowners Safe

Short Sales

The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 has been extended twice already and has finally expired this week.  California homeowners could avoid a tax hit according to this article. Senator Barbara Boxer sent a letter to the IRS seeking guidance on the effect of the expiration of the Act and the IRS Responded, from […]

How Soon Can I Get a Mortgage After Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Law Overview, Chapter 13, Chapter 7, Foreclosure

Back in 2011 I wrote, Steps To Home Ownership After Bankruptcy.  This question continues to grab the attention of the media and just yesterday, I read this article, which supports my assertions that you can buy a home within two (2) years after your bankruptcy discharge.  My mortgage brokers over at CLS Financial advise the same […]

Should We File Foreclosure, Short Sale, or Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure After Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7, Foreclosure

One of my favorite activities as a leader in my own law firm is to take time and answer questions over at LawQA.  These questions come to me in an email and I respond with short answers most of the time.  This one though, caught my attention because just yesterday my partner John Greifendorff and […]

Don’t Get Stung in a Short Sale

Chapter 7

American homeowners are still in trouble with mounting mortgage defaults and depressed property values. The lenders and loan servicing companies are non-responsive to their customers and HAMP has had an embarrassing 20% success rate, which leaves homeowners high and dry when it comes to help with their mortgages and distressed properties. Getting out from under your upside down […]

Don’t Settle Debts Before Filing Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Law Overview, Chapter 13, Chapter 7, Taxes & Bankruptcy

The only reason you should negotiate directly with your creditors, is to avoid bankruptcy.  Remember that working with debt settlement companies is both costly and detrimental to your finances and will likely land you in my office filing for bankruptcy.  If you want to avoid bankruptcy, work directly with your creditors for an agreement on […]

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