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Bankruptcy Trends for 2011

Bankruptcy Law Overview

It’s that time of year again where I gaze longingly into my crystal ball and make my predictions for the future of the American Dream; America’s fresh start; and the demise of our mountain of debts.  Despite the continued negative stigma of bankruptcy and it’s “last resort” paradigm, bankruptcy filings in the U.S. continue to […]

Bankruptcy Filings Soar in 2010

Bankruptcy Law Overview

As debtor’s counsel, I get the sense that many Americans who need to file for bankruptcy are avoiding it still because of its stigma and the myths fed to them by their government, creditors, family and friends.  In spite of the ‘file bankruptcy as a last resort’ method to financial reform for American households, filings […]

Bankruptcy Trends For 2010

Bankruptcy Law Overview

The last big spike in bankruptcy filings was back in 2005, just before the passage of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention Consumer Protection Act [“BAPCPA“] with a record setting 2.04 million filings.  The BAPCPA created more obstacles to obtaining debt relief in 2005 and immediately following its passage, bankruptcy filings dried up. When the mortgage meltdown of […]

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