Sharp Knowledge of the Law and Excellent Service and Communication

I highly recommend Christine Wilton and the Greifendorff Law Offices. I engaged Christine to handle an Adversary Proceeding that was delaying my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy through completion to Discharge. Christine immediately took charge where my previous attorney left off. With her sharp knowledge of the law, she provided excellent service, with focused counsel and support, as I went through initially what looked to be a daunting experience. The outcome was exactly as Christine predicted. In retrospect, I wish I had engaged Christine for my initial Chapter 7 filing.

Thank you so much, Christine!

I was originally scared out of my mind when realizing that my best option would be to file for Bankruptcy after losing 2 different jobs during this recession. My Attorney, Christine Wilton, made the process easy to understand and took the fear out of one of the biggest decisions of my life. I was well informed of the process, how it worked, and where my file was every step of the way. Christine continues to be a knowledgeable resource, even though my case has been closed for over a year now. I couldn’t recommend a better person to file your Bankruptcy case!

Thank you Christine for your extraordinary knowledge in RE Law

I have never met an attorney that is on her toes with the constant changes in Real Estate Law especially with all the fraudulent forclosuers banks are getting away with. Christine is extremely trustworthy and will give it to you straight. Her knowledge is up to date with everthing that is going on with the courts. I highly recommend her for anyone that is looking to file a BK or help in your foreclosure challenges.

Are you looking for an attorney who goes way above and beyond

I have never dealt with an attorney with so much compassion and so willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. We filed bankruptcy in March 2012. Christine was there for us every step of the way. I know for a fact that she spent a lot more time on our case than any other attorney would of. The process was handled very professionally and with the least amount of stress on our part. She walked us through each step personally and because of her preparation and knowledge of the law, it was less painful than expected. But thanks to President Clinton we were still burdened with some student loans we took out for our son in 2006 and 2007. Her knowledge of the law, the research she did, and the other professionals she choose to consult with all added up to us being able to go to court and have the loans dismissed. She knew that there was contributing factors in our own situation and walked us through all the information gathering needed for the case. She literally held our hand through both cases. NOW WHAT PROFESSIONAL WOULD DO THAT IN THE ECONOMIC CONDITION OF OUR WORLD TODAY? I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND having a “sit down” with Christine and meet her face to face. When you meet her, you can tell completely that she is on our side all the way. Thanks Girl, Your The Best!!!!

Bankruptcy case gone… right!

As anyone can imagine, having to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy is a little scary and pretty discouraging. I had done quite a bit of research before deciding to file, but I still felt in the dark. After meeting with Christine, she shed light on all of my questions and explained the process in detail. She made it very clear to me that she understood the ins and outs of bankruptcy, and she did an excellent job filing my case and keeping me informed. I was extremely appreciative of her straight forward and honest approach. I wasn’t looking for a miracle, I was merely looking for a solution and answers. And Christine provided those answers for me!

Highly Recommend Christine Ann Wilton

I highly recommend Christine to be your attorney for a few reasons. One, she communicates well, so you always know where you stand and what the next steps entail (no guessing on your part). Both Christine and her team respond to your questions quickly which is a plus! Two, Christine is well educated and prepared. Three, Christine and her team really simplify the process and each step involved, which makes you feel comfortable and not overwhelmed. Most importantly, she loves what she does, it shows and that is why she is the best. Give her a call; you will be glad you did.

Christine gives lawyers a good name.

I called Ms. Wilton for advice about a pending bankruptcy motion. She gave me a half-hour of phone time just to discuss the case, even though she knew that I lived in Northern California, was representing myself, and was unable to retain her given my financial circumstances. In addition, she took the time to e-mail me a number of cases that she thought would be helpful to my case. Christine gives lawyers a good name.

Articulate with excellent people skills and people sense

Christine Wilton is my Chapter 7 bankruptcy legal counsel. I engaged Christine because it was obvious to me that she operates at a high level intellectually, interpersonally and professionally. My experience of Christine is that she is an excellent listener and gifted communicator. Also, I feel that she is sincerely concerned that she is serving my best interests. Christine is thorough, fair, candid, honest, and gracious, and takes time to make sure that I am clear about the legal process and what to expect from her and her staff. I have complete trust and confidence in Christine. I feel that I have a champion in her. Her passion to fight for my rights is, to me, self-evident. I recommend Christine wholeheartedly.

Are you looking for a trustworthy bankruptcy attorney who can handle complex cases?

We hired Christine for a complex ch13 legal issue. She prepared our Motion within one week and was able to resolve our issue (Motion to dismiss and payment on a claim) by negotiating with the trustee. She personally responds to phone calls and e-mails within 24 hours and knows the judges and trustees in Southern California. If anyone can help you, she can. As a result of her work, we are expecting an early discharge of our case. Highly recommend that you hire her and not waste your money on a bankruptcy mill. For the same amount of fees, you will get excellent service.


Highly recommended! I must say at first I was a little hesitant due to the fact that Christine has a significant amount of clientele. Christine and her staff have proven their dedication and support. They have assisted me throughout the process and I couldn’t be happier. In addition, she also disputed my student loans, which at that time the new company was trying to sue me. Simply AMAZING. Thank you so very much for all of your hard work!!

Honest, to the point and very intelligent!

She actually spent an hour + of her time going over the specifics of my case – for free! And she was So compassionate, while spelling out my different options. Truly a person who cares for her clients AND is super smart! in the end she came to the honest conclusion that I could help myself out of the situation better than taking legal action – that was eye-opening and so honest of her to suggest, because she easily could’ve talked me into filing for chapter 7, just on the basis that she’s obviously the top of her game. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this lawyer – I wish I could have hired her!

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